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Is Prudential a good insurance company?

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asked Oct 20, 2011 by anonymous

1 Answer

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Founded in 1875, the Prudential insurance company was founded on the concept of offering insurance products to working-class people. It existed as a mutual insurance company for many years, and then converted to a stock-owned corporation in 2001. The Prudential company is one of the largest insurance companies in country, and is marketed through direct, online and independent agents.

Financial Rating
A.M. Best offers a financial rating of A+ for Prudential, but the long term rating is aa-, which indicates some unease about the company over time. Prudential holds as much as $100 billion in assets. They are a stable investment now and show the potential for moderate growth over the long term. For the policy holder, this means that Prudential is not likely to suffer insurmountable losses, even in the event of a major disaster.

Customer Satisfaction
Prudential is the second largest insurance company in the United States. They employ a dedicated workforce of over 4000 employees, as well as being distributed through other sources. Their customer reviews are mixed, and the most frequent complaints are in regards to claim settlements. Online ratings for complete customer satisfaction are listed at only 14%, but it is not unusual for online polls to be skewed by other factors, and such ratings should not be used as the sole factor of a purchasing decision.

Prudential Reviews Company Availability
Prudential is available in all 50 states, as well as providing some coverage internationally. Prudential policies are sold through independent agents, online markets, group markets, and dedicated agents. Very few companies have accessibility across different channels the way Prudential attempts to provide.

The Bottom Line
Prudential insurance is a stable company for policyholders and investors alike. Investors can expect a modest return on investment with little fear of potential losses. Policyholders can easily contact customer service representatives and receive policies through group plans that reduce costs. Aflac is active in both civil rights and charitable organizations, and has won awards for contributions in both black and Latino organizations as well as cancer and other medical research.

answered Oct 20, 2011 by anonymous
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