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Is American Republic Insurance Company a good company?

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asked Oct 19, 2015 by anonymous

1 Answer

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Founded in 1929, American Republic Insurance has been serving the needs of clients for nearly a century. A.M. Best Company has given the company an "A" rating which reflects their commitment to customer service and providing the insurance solutions people are looking for. Consumers appreciate the delivery of a quality product they can afford, and among the options they have to choose from include:

  • Coverage for families during all stages of life
  • Policy plans for small business owners
  • Variety for medicare-eligible individuals

American Republic Insurance has long prided itself on delivering a wide array of options to meet the needs of a diverse customers base, and there are so many plans to take advantage of. For starters, their ExpressPay LifeSM plan allows peace-of-mind for clients in the event of a death. Cash benefits are paid out to help cover the unexpected cost of funeral expenses, and most cases don't require any paperwork to be filled out during such a stressful and emotional time.

CareAssistSM short-term convalescent care is another valuable product that allows those covered to choose to receive quality care at home or instead receive the funding necessary to receive the care they need in an assisted living facility or nursing home. These costs are known to get expensive, and this plan provides the support families need as loved ones age.

They also offer customers Medicare supplement insurance that can prove crucial in filling the gap between what Medicare does and doesn't cover. American Republic Insurance's Medicare supplement plans allow their clients a number of advantages including:

  • The freedom to choose their doctor even when they are out of their area
  • No referrals necessary for care from specialists
  • Availability of ExpressLane Automatic Claim ServiceSM which means customers won't have to waste valuable time filling out paperwork.
  • Discount rates available for couples.

Customers can have peace-of-mind in knowing that American Republic Insurance partners with financially sound insurance companies for certain products. Some of the companies they represent include:

While resident of most states can take advantage of the plans American Republic Insurance has to offer, there are some they don't service including Alaska, California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Kansas, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Mexico, New York, Vermont, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

We all need peace-of-mind for the things we can't predict in life, and American Republic has long been offering people just this. Whether you're seeking insurance for your family or small business, there are a variety of plans from which to choose, and agents are known for working with clients directly to help them find a plan that not only meets their healthcare needs but is also set at a rate they can afford.

answered Oct 19, 2015 by anonymous
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