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Different Types of Bad Drivers

Bad drivers are everywhere. They live in your neighborhood, drive on the same roads you use, and cause problems without even trying to do so. Here is a short list of common types of bad drivers and what makes them stand out in the crowd. Keep in mind that the descriptions used here are generalized, and actual bad drivers may not be as flagrant about their bad driving habits as they are made to appear in this article. Something that may help you sleep better though is knowing that bad drivers typically pay more for their car insurance.

  • One type of bad driver is the tailgating driver. She rides your back bumper, always leaving the question of whether she can stop before hitting you up in the air.
  • Another example is the person who starts honking the horn as soon as the light changes. It will not make traffic move any faster to blow the horn, but it will earn the glare of those around you.
  • Be careful of drivers who have other things to do than drive. He may be trying to find a paper in the back floorboard, chatting away on the phone, texting, eating, putting on makeup or doing anything except giving the act of driving his full attention.
  • Someone who pokes along below the legal speed limit could be considered a bad driver. Their insistence on remaining slow to be safe creates a traffic hazard behind them as other drivers jockey into a position to get past the slow driver.
  • Like the tailgating driver, the person who thinks she's on a NASCAR track is a threat to everyone else on the road. He or she whizzes past all the other cars on the road, zipping in and out of travel lanes to move ahead in the line. When the cars stop at a traffic light, this person usually discovers that they haven't done anything but become a nuisance to the other drivers.
  • The person who switches lanes or makes turns without the using turn signals. Turn signals allow those around you to know that you intend to slow and turn, but without a signal you are forcing everyone in your wake to second guess what your intentions will be.
  • The guy who does not use a turn signal is a danger, but so is the person who turns their signal on then never turns it back off again. It is dangerous and annoying to be stuck behind someone who has been signaling a right turn for the past thirty miles.
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