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Speeding Tickets Increase Car Insurance Rates

speeding tickets and car insuranceEach time you receive a speeding ticket, the risk of insuring you increases. Obeying the speed limit is part of being a responsible driver, so failure to do so can make it more expensive for the insurance company to maintain your policy. To make up for the additional costs, the insurance company will in turn raise your premiums. Collect enough traffic offenses and you may have to purchase high risk insurance companies at a higher cost.

There are exceptions, and your insurance may not go up right away. Many car insurance companies will ignore your first accident or speeding ticket, but making them a habit will result in an increase. Speed limits are used to maintain safety on the roads, so driving over the limit increases the risks for everyone on the road with you. That additional risk is your responsibility and is billed in the form of higher premiums.

If your speeding ticket increases the points against your license it could be suspended, and that could mean the cancellation of your policy. In this situation, the speeding ticket is combined with other point offenses, any of which could also cause an insurance increase. Your insurance company will usually look back three years to determine your points, so the points against you are subject to change as old ones move off your record.

Bear in mind, too, that every traffic offense increases the risk of insuring you. In your contract with the insurance company, obeying the laws of the location you are driving in is your obligation. If you cannot meet your side of the contract, the insurance company will have grounds to cancel the policy. A single speeding ticket would not cause this to happen, or even cause an increase by itself, but several offenses added together could make insuring you an unacceptable risk for traditional insurance carriers.