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Car Insurance for Single Parents

For a single parent, the cost of car insurance is going to be important, but so will such things as making sure you can be at the daycare by 6pm, and knowing that your children are being kept safe while you drive them to the places you have to go. For single parents, leaving the children at home while you go shopping is not always an option, so your car insurance should reflect the fact that you have precious cargo on board more frequently than some parents. Here are some suggestions of ways the single parent can beef up their coverage to make the car a safer place to be.

Personal Injury Protection

Most states require you to carry bodily injury insurance, but that only covers the injuries your car causes to someone else, not the injuries sustained by you and your passengers. Personal injury protection will pay for your own medical bills after an accident, and should be considered essential coverage for a single parent.

Collision Coverage

Collision coverage will pay for repairs to your own vehicle. The mandatory damage liability required in most states pays for the other vehicles to be repaired, but leaves the at-fault driver's vehicle untouched. With collision coverage, your car will be repaired, allowing you to get your life back together and causing less impact to your family.

Roadside Service

If your car breaks down or you get a flat tire on a rainy night, having roadside assistance on your insurance can be a lifesaver. This is a special rider policy that you purchase along with your car insurance which allows you to call for assistance rather than put yourself or your family into unnecessary danger.

Free Towing

Free towing will let you get your car towed to a repair facility with little or no out of pocket expense. Some policies require you to make the initial towing payment and then reimburse you when the claim is settled.

Rental Car Reimbursement

Another optional coverage is rental car reimbursement. If your car is totaled in an accident, this rider policy will allow you to receive the money you spend to rent a temporary vehicle back when the claim is settled. It does not eliminate the immediate cost of renting the car, but it does take the burden of having a rental car off you, as a single parent.

Getting More without Paying More

These extra types of coverage all come with additional costs, and a single parent may be pinching pennies already. To make it possible to get the additional coverage your family needs, look for car insurance discounts that will bring down the cost of your premiums. Your job, a college degree and where you live and park your car are all possible sources of discounts, or you can take a voluntary driver improvement course to receive state-mandated car insurance discounts.

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