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    A.M. Best:A+
    S&P Rating:AA-
    Moody's Rating:Aa3

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    1099 Ameriprise Financial Center
    Minneapolis, MN 55474
    (612) 671-3131
    (612) 547-2924 (Fax)

    Last Updated: 2019-02-05

    Company Reviews (3)

  • 11 of 11 people found the following review helpful.

    They will leave you high and dry!!!!, July, 2016

    My parents purchased nursing home insurance from American Express in the mid 90s and continued to pay premiums through 2016. The policy was sold several times and ended up under RiverSource. My mom suffered through cancer treatment and ultimately ended up in a nursing home. Most policies will allow you to use the 100 days provided by Medicare as your 100 day deductable, but not RiverSource. My dad had to pay out of pocket for the deductable. My mom became sicker and died after only a month of coverage after the deductable was fulfilled. All total my parents invested roughly 60k for this insurance coverage. After mom died RiverSource sent them a death benefit check totaling $74. I urge everyone to AVOID this insurance company, unless flushing money down the toilet is your idea of a good time.

    • Other Insurance
    • Jamesville, NC
    • Male
    • Customer for 5+ Years
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  • 4 of 4 people found the following review helpful.

    I had $21,654 in cash value thatdisappeared!, September, 2018

    I had a life/annuity policy for 40 years first with IDS, which becameAmeriprise, then Riversource with $21, 564 in cash value in 2017 that all of a sudden this year NO CASH VALUE!

    • Life Insurance
    • Palmer, MA
    • Customer for 1 - 2 Years
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  • 3 of 3 people found the following review helpful.

    STAY AWAY!!!, November, 2018

    STAY AWAY!!! RiverSource is an insidious and corrupt company. My father is quite sick and needs the income from his annuity for end-of-life care, but no matter how may forms we fill out and fax and send registered mail, they always say it is the wrong form! These are the forms they are sending us! We ask them over the phone how to complete the forms, going through every single section and part of the form, and then when we submit it exactly as they requested and they say it needs to be resubmitted. Or they say they didn't receive it, or it went to the wrong department. We have now hired attorneys to deal with this situation at considerable cost. My father was always so responsible, I have no idea what idiot sold him this annuity but please stay away from this company. If your loved one is still alive and healthy just cancel your account with them. It's better to pay the penalty than to have to deal with their incompetence and stonewalling.

    • Other Insurance
    • Boston, MA
    • Customer for 5+ Years
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