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    A.M. Best:A-
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    69 Lydecker Street
    Nyack, NY 10960
    (845) 358-2300
    (845) 353-0273 (Fax)

    Last Updated: 2018-02-21

    Company Reviews (4)

  • 13 of 13 people found the following review helpful.

    Awful. Poor customer service., May, 2017

    This company is playing games with customers. They will tell you they are going through a "conversion". The conversion have been going on for over two years. They have forgotten who the customer is and that they have customer $$. Their customer support is terrible...the worst. I have not received a statement in over two years. My annuity account is a mess and I cannot get any help from them. Who runs this company?

    • Other Insurance
    • Bend, OR
    • 57 Year Old Female
    • Customer for 2 - 3 Years
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    Run for the hills, August, 2017

    Athene purchased the company that underwrote my life insurance policy. They have major issues (they blame on the conversion) and they really don't seem to care to fix them. I received a statement showing i had a loan balance against my policy. When I called to ask why.....the customer service rep had "no idea". Two weeks later I got a letter stating i had not paid my policy and therefore a loan was taken against my policy to prevent it from being cancelled (that is the option i had chosen on the policy). I called them....gave them the check number, date it cleared my bank account......they said i needed to send them proof by submitting a copy of the cancelled check. I did that the very same day......2 months later nothing has been done. I called them 2 weeks ago and the rep said they had all the information they needed....she had no idea why it was not resolved but she would put a "rush on it". Called yesterday.....still no idea why the "rush" was not completed. Spoke to a "team lead".....she will put a "rush on it". I laughed telling her they already tried that trick and 2 weeks later it still is not resolved. He answer basically was......we will work on it and eventually get it fixed. I suggested they need to credit my account now and suspense the amount on their books until they figure it out. I am now waiting for a "manager" to return my call. I am not holding my breath. I spoke to someone else who happens to have a life policy with them......they told me they got the same letter saying they did not pay their policy. The amount was small enough that instead of validating.....they just sent another check. Sounds like the "conversion" from Aviva is a mess and a lot of customers are being taken advantage of with no urgency to resolve. STAY AWAY from this insurer if you are smart!!!

    • Life Insurance
    • Irving, TX
    • Customer for 6 Months - 1 Year
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  • 8 of 8 people found the following review helpful.

    a rip off company, September, 2017

    DO NOT use this company for annuity's RIP OFF

    Sell you on program with a bonus then change to another wording of selection when receive contract (One word change) so you do not get bonus. No way to find out until 1 year later then its too late for refund RIP OFF

    Only way to find out what you have or your big 1 1/2 % interest is when they send your letter at 1 year , no calling them they will not give any info over phone

    • Life Insurance
    • Delta, OH
    • Customer for 2 - 3 Years
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  • 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful.

    I would give NO stars if I could, February, 2018

    Went to file a death claim for my father.

    My father had the policy from 1972 until his death in 2017.

    The prompt that you will receive for calling them does not even align with their company name and you will think it is a different company.

    Please be aware:

    * They send the bills MONTHS AFTER they are due. * When you call you will ALWAYS have issues. I have been calling them for 3 years and each and every time I have had a hassle.

    * They will bill you even after you FILE A DEATH CLAIM on the file for the deceased.

    * They will try to cheat you. Always know the face value of the policy and look over every single deduction they send on the pay out.

    * Always keep notes of the days you call on. If they pretend they do not know what you are talking about you can have them reference the audio tapes from those calls. IF THEY SAY THEY CANNOT... ask to speak to a supervisor. They can listen to an audio recording of every call made to them.

    • Life Insurance
    • Rice Lake, WI
    • 42 Year Old Female
    • Customer for 5+ Years
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