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    Company Information

    PO Box 982010
    North Richland Hills, TX 76182
    (800) 527-5504
    (800) 343-3702 (Fax)

    Last Updated: 2019-09-06

    Company Reviews (3)

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    This is a scam! Stay away from this company!, September, 2019

    It was some time ago, but I still want other people be aware. I thought this company was out of business long time ago - and yet! I see these crooks still exist. The Mega Life and Health insurance IS A SCAM! They do have agents who are very nice and seem personable, but the moment you sign with them - they completely forget your name. Not a single claim (not even a regular mammogram! ) was covered under Mega coverage. It was a waste of money!I wish them go bankrupt the way they treat people!!

    • Health Insurance
    • Chicago, IL
    • Female
    • Customer for 6 Months - 1 Year
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    Poor Policy Poor Service, February, 2015

    Signed up for MegaLife + NASE policy when I became self-employed. Rarely used the policy even for preventative services initially but still paid the separate $200-$300 monthly "premium" to ML and $40 monthly fee to NASE. When I cancelled my policy, was told that the ~$1000 for claims and ~$850 in prescription fees exceeded the amount that was accumulated in the so-called "Return of Premium" feature and so was not eligible for any refunds of premium. So of the $18,000 that I paid to Mega alone, I send in $1000 of claims and $850 of prescriptions and I'm not eligible for a premium return? I also have the receipts for the other thousands of dollars in claim fees and lab fees and other services that they didn't pay for so this plan actually cost me closer to $30,000. It would have been a better deal for me to pay completely out of pocket for all of my medical expenses rather than give them $16,000 for services not rendered. THIS IS NOT A GOOD COMPANY. THEY DO NOT HAVE A GOOD PRODUCT. And NASE's representation of them means that NASE is also a scam. AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS before it costs you more than it did me.

    • Health Insurance
    • Marina Del Rey, CA
    • Customer for 5+ Years
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    Scam in my opinion, December, 2018

    I was contacted by Agent John Nelson in or around 2009. I was not insured at the time and in need of health insurance for my family. I was sold health and supplemental insurance by Mega Life and Health Insurance. I cancelled my insurance a couple years later, and was under the assumption that my total plan was terminated. I recently found out, that this company has been withdrawing funds from an account I used as a rainy day account. I found this out only because MEGA Life and Health Insurance Company contacted me to request more funds from me after they drained my account dry. Funny, I never received any notification from them when they had money to in my opinion steal from me, so I had no idea I was being charged for insurance. When contacting them, they admitted that I cancelled my regular insurance but maintained a supplemental account.

    No Way will I ever engage with Mega Life and Health Insurance or the company they merged with "Mid-West National Life Insurance Company of Tennessee" . In my opinion these companies scammed me, and will not do anything to correct this.

    • Health Insurance
    • Pflugerville, TX
    • Male
    • Customer for 5+ Years
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