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New Hampshire Car Insurance Regulations & Required Coverage

Unlike most other states, most drivers in New Hampshire are not legally required to maintain minimum insurance coverage. Nevertheless, it is strongly recommended to purchase at least a minimum amount of coverage to protect you, your vehicle and your passengers.

New Hampshire insurance law was written to correspond with a tort legal system. In a tort system, someone must always be found to be at fault for causing an accident. This person is then held responsible for repaying all damages related to the accident.

Required Coverage

New Hampshire does not have specific laws requiring its drivers to maintain certain insurance minimums but all drivers must be financially responsible for their actions on the roads. Nevertheless, there are certain times when the state mandates that a driver maintain insurance coverage and maintain an SR-22 for up to 3 years. These are:

  • After being involved in an accident
  • Being convicted of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Being convicted multiple times for reckless driving
  • Being convicted of a traffic violation that triggers a review

If you are required to maintain insurance in New Hampshire, you will need to maintain the following coverages:

  • Bodily Injury
  • Property Damage

Additionally, New Hampshire requires the following coverage:

  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Bodily Injury
  • Medical Payments
Minimum New Hampshire Car Insurance Requirements
Bodily Injury Liability $25,000 / $50,000 Limit
Property Damage Liability $25,000 Limit
Uninsured/Underinsured Bodily Injury $25,000 / $50,000 Limit
Medical Payments $1,000 Limit

Additional insurance coverage can include:

  • Comprehensive and Collision Coverage
  • Towing and Labor Coverage
  • Rental Reimbursement / Transportation Expenses

Collision and comprehensive coverage are usually grouped together as an additional coverage option. Collision pays for damages to your vehicle resulting from an accident and comprehensive helps pay for any non-accident related incidents such as hail or having your vehicle broken into. Even if your car didn't make the list of most stolen vehicles in New Hampshire, it's recommended to get comprehensive insurance.

Towing and labor coverage will help cover the costs of towing expenses when your vehicle needs roadside assistance.

Rental reimbursement / transportation expenses coverage covers costs related to obtaining a temporary form of transportation when your insured vehicle is being repaired or is in the process of being replaced.

Proof of Insurance and Financial Responsibility

Establishing proof of insurance and financial responsibility

  • Get a standard liability car insurance policy

Required Documentation

In order to provide proof of insurance, you can provide one of the following:

  • Insurance ID card
  • Copy of your insurance certificate

You must maintain proof of insurance and financial responsibility and present it:

  • If notified by the New Hampshire DMV

Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility Penalties

If you are unable to show proof of insurance, you can face one of the following penalties:

  • Suspension of your license and vehicle's registration
  • Applicable reinstatement fees

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