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Mississippi Car Insurance Regulations & Required Coverage

Most drivers in Mississippi opt to get a car insurance policy in order to meet the state's financial responsibility requirements. Mississippi insurance laws are similar to other states, but do vary and also have very strict penalties for those who do not maintain proof of financial responsibility.

Similar to neighboring states, Mississippi insurance law follows a tort system. While the specifics of a tort system do vary from state to state, the basic principal states that a driver will always be found at fault for causing an accident. The at fault party is then held responsible for any monetary damages relating to the accident.

Required Coverage

All personal vehicles in Mississippi require the following liability coverage requirements:

  • Bodily Injury
  • Property Damage
Minimum Mississippi Car Insurance Requirements
Bodily Injury Liability $25,000 / $50,000 Limit
Property Damage Liability $25,000 Limit

Additional insurance coverage can include:

  • Comprehensive and Collision Coverage
  • Uninsured / Underinsured Motorist Coverage

Collision insurance protects you when your vehicle is damages in an accident. Comprehensive will pay for non-collision related incidents such as having your vehicle broken into or flood damage. A list of the most stolen vehicles in Mississippi can give you an idea of the most at-risk vehicles.

Uninsured/underinsured insurance pays for damages caused by a driver who doesn't have enough insurance to pay for the resulting expenses, doesn't have any insurance or fled the scene (hit and run). Even though the law requires drivers to maintain financial responsibility, the limits do not always meet the costs and there are always drivers who simply break the law and do not maintain any coverage.

Proof of Insurance and Financial Responsibility

Establishing proof of insurance and financial responsibility

  • Get a standard liability car insurance policy
  • Post a bond with a state licensed company in the amount required by liability coverage
  • Post cash or securities in the amount of the liability requirements with the state Treasurer

Required Documentation

In order to provide proof of insurance, you can provide one of the following:

  • Insurance ID Card
  • Certificate of insurance
  • Proof of your bond
  • Certificate of Deposit showing cash or securities posted with the Treasurer

You must maintain proof of insurance and financial responsibility and present it:

  • When asked by a police officer
  • After an accident
  • When registering or renewing your vehicle's registration
  • Anytime you are operating a vehicle

Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility Penalties

If you are unable to show proof of insurance, you can face the following penalties:

  • $1,000 fine
  • Suspension of your license for 1 year or until proof of insurance is shown

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