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Health Insurance for Young Adults

The way insurance laws are written, the best option for young adults is to remain covered by the health insurance of a parent. Unfortunately, that option is not available to thousands of young people who need health care but do not have the option of a family health plan. Even when preexisting conditions are involved, federal healthcare reform is making it possible for almost everyone to have health insurance.

Group vs. Individual Insurance

In most instances, group health coverage is going to be a lot less expensive than individual policies. This is because group insurance spreads the cost for treatments across everyone in the group, so the premiums are averaged for the group as a statistical whole. Additionally, individual health insurance may not accept you for many different reasons, including whether you smoke, your current state of health, and concerns regarding preexisting conditions.

Group Coverage and Preexisting Conditions

Group coverage regulations make it possible for someone with preexisting conditions to get the health insurance they need. Because the same coverage options have to be available, for instance, to all employees of a company, someone who is working despite some limiting health condition would be eligible for health insurance, including coverage for the existing condition, in the same manner as all other employees of the company.

The Medicaid Option

If you cannot get or afford group or individual health plans, you can apply for Medicaid coverage. To qualify, your income must be below the established poverty level, and household assets could affect the extent of coverage you are eligible for under Medicaid standards. Medicaid is also an option for single parents who cannot afford a family health policy but have children with special health needs that must be attended to.

One Aspect of the Affordable Care Act

One of the most popular aspects of the Affordable Care Act is that it would make insurance plans available to all people on an equal basis, without regard to current or previous medical conditions. The concept is that all Americans have a right to medical care, and the changes it will bring about have already begun and will complete by January of 2014.

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