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Cheap Car Insurance for Hybrids

Hybrid cars are the next generation of motor vehicle, designed to conserve fuel on the roads. The good news, where insurance is concerned, is that hybrid cars are also being built with the latest safety features. So while there is only one insurance discount solely for hybrid cars, there are many discounts available that hybrid car owners are likely to qualify for.

Hybrid Car Insurance Discount

Hybrid car owners can receive as much as a 10% discount on their policy, right from the start. This discount is not offered by all car insurance companies, so take the time to shop around before you buy, comparing the discounts and available savings. This discount is in addition to any other discounts which you are eligible for.

Statistical Profile of Hybrid Owners

The typical hybrid car own is a mature driver, according to insurance company statistics. By looking at the profile of the typical hybrid car owner, insurance companies were able to develop the 10% hybrid car discount. Since the type of person who buys a hybrid car most often is mature, owns a home and has a good credit score, insurance companies can offer discounts based on an expected type of clientele.

Cheap Car Insurance for Safety Features

Hybrid cars, being relatively new on the scene, are built using the latest developments in vehicle safety. This might include side impact air bags or curtain air bags, computer control system monitoring, or such tried and true features as anti-lock brakes and Electronic Stability Control. The more safety features and higher highway safety ratings your car has the more discounts you will be eligible for.

Personal Discount Qualifications

Your personal details will also play a large part in the cost of insurance for a hybrid car. Married people pay lower rates than singles, and living in a low crime zip code will also play a part. There are even discounts based on your career, such as police, fire, and emergency workers, or anyone working in a government or educational position. Of course, your driving history may be the single best discount, but even your credit score is a possible discount if it is 650 or higher.

Shop for Lower Rates

Not all car insurance policies are the same, and the rates you pay will vary from one company to another. To find the best rates on hybrid car insurance, shop online using free insurance quotes that compare premiums between multiple insurance providers. Keep in mind, too, that having multiple policies with the same company, such as homeowners and car insurance, will result in yet another discount.