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Hurricane Insurance for Homeowners

Hurricanes can be especially troublesome in some parts of the country, but may only be occasional nuisances in others, while other parts of the country never experience the full brunt of such storms at all. It will depend on where you live and which insurance company you have chosen whether you are covered for hurricane damages, and the flooding caused by major storms is not covered by any standard policies at all.

Hurricanes cause several types of damage, including wind, hail, lightning and flooding. Because they cause such a wide range of damage, many insurance companies will not cover hurricanes by default, requiring you to purchase special hurricane coverage, usually at a higher price commensurate with the higher risk of providing coverage. Read through your policy carefully to find out what types of perils are excluded, and contact your insurance company if you discover gaps that need to be filled to fully protect your home and family.

One type of hurricane damage, flooding, is never part of a standard policy and may not even be available from all insurance companies. In this case, you may have to resort to high-risk insurers or even buy flood insurance from special pools which are managed by the state Department of Insurance. These plans usually require the participation of all insurance companies which sell home insurance coverage in the state, spreading the risk out across all insurers so that no single company gets caught paying the brunt of widespread damages to homes and businesses. If your insurer does not provide flood insurance, call the Department of Insurance and ask them about the FAIR plan or a similar form of coverage.

It doesn't matter where you live, you will be able to get the coverage you need. It may require you to buy a separate policy, and the cost could be rather expensive, but any price will be better than trying to replace your home and property out of pocket if it is damaged by rising waters or storm surges that overrun seawalls and other water damage barriers.