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11 of the Most Unusual Things People Have Ever Insured
The purpose of insurance is to protect the owner of the policy from financial losses in the event that something happens to the property being insured. Because what makes a financial difference for person or company is not the same as it is for another, there is a long list of unusual things which have been insured to protect the interests of their owners. The 11 presented here are among the most unusual, but they are only the top of the list and there are thousands of such items insured right now, all over the world.
Buying Condo Insurance
Condo owners do not need the full property protection of a homeowner's policy, but they do need to have some of the benefits of such a policy. You are not responsible for the structures or the public access, but you will need to protect your personal property and provide liability insurance for the parts you call your own.
Tornado Insurance for Homeowners
Tornadoes are usually considered a form of wind damage by most insurance companies, but there are locations where such storms are so common or the amount of damage they cause so severe, that the insurance companies will exclude tornadoes from the standard policy to prevent having to make many large payouts on a regular basis. To determine whether your policy excludes tornadoes, check your policy's list of exclusions or contact your insurance company for clarification.
Thunderstorm & Severe Weather Insurance for Homeowners
Severe weather, including lightning, high winds and strong rains are common throughout the country. Most standard home insurance policies this type of storm, but there are exceptions, and it is the responsibility of the homeowner to make sure that their policy covers all of the perils which might be faced by their home.
Homeowners Insurance to Value Ratio Explained
The insurance-to-value ratio is a way to calculate whether or not a home is properly insured. It is the ratio of the amount of insurance coverage you have on your home compared to replacement cost of your home. The reason this is important is two-fold: if the ratio is too high, you are probably spending more than you need to on your home insurance, and if the ratio is too low you could be faced with huge out of pocket expenses if you suffer a loss, even one that damages but does not destroy the home.
Common Insurance Acronyms Guidebook
Rather than talking to us in a normal, human language, insurance companies seem to derive joy from speaking in a strange language of acronyms. This language, if it can be called a language, can be confusing. You may feel like you need a translator. The following list will, hopefully, be a help to you if you should have to be involved in an insurance discussion.
Winter Storm Insurance for Homeowners
Winter storms are common throughout most of the country, and can be quite severe in Northern latitudes. The good news is that most policies include the effects of winter storms, such as hail, damage from snow and ice and heavy blowing winds. But since the storms can be particularly costly in some regions, it is up to the homeowner to review their policy and determine whether it contains exclusions that negate the responsibility of the insurance company in your particular case.
Homeowners Insurance After a Major Renovation or Alteration
If you are planning to make changes to your home or undergo renovations, it is important that you also keep your home insurance in mind. Notify the insurance company ahead of time that you plan to make changes, and how they will affect home's value. By conforming to the requests of the insurance company, you can eliminate the possibility of having a future claim denied.
Getting Cheaper Homeowners Insurance Without Sacrificing Coverage
Everybody wants to save money, and that is just as true for insurance as everything else. The good news is that you can do several things to help you save money without sacrificing the coverage you need or resorting to questionable insurance companies. Here are a few tips that will help you save money without giving up coverage or peace of mind.
Reviewing Quotes Regularly Can Help You Save Money on Home Insurance
Insurance costs change over time, especially for people who already have insurance but are looking for a better deal. You do not have to sacrifice the coverage you need to save, either. Just having an existing home insurance policy is an incentive to competing insurance companies to try to give you a better deal.


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