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For insurance companies, there are two ways to stop providing coverage on your insurance policy. The first method is to cancel the policy, and the second is to decide not to renew it. The difference between these methods is as big as the difference between night and day, and how much trouble you will have getting replacement insurance will depend on which method was used to end your current coverage.
The Reasons Why Many Homeowners Pay Too Much for Home Insurance
We all want to get the best value for the things we pay for. This should be especially true when it comes to your home insurance costs. Many people aren't even aware of the fact that they are paying more for their insurance than they should be. While it is vital to have homeowners insurance, you certainly don't want to pay more for it than you need to.
Switching Homeowners Insurance Companies
If you are having problems with your home insurance company or simply want to look for lower rates, it is your right to do so. You can change insurance companies and policies any time you want, provided you follow the correct procedure. Start by comparing rates and policies, and follow these other steps to switch home insurance painlessly.
Raising Your Deductible - Weighing the Risks vs the Benefits
One way to manage the cost of your premiums is to raise or lower your deductibles. Higher deductibles mean lower premiums. But there is a balance between saving money and putting yourself in financial jeopardy. Adjusting your deductibles according to your personal needs is a tool you can use to leverage your ability to buy insurance.
Earthquake Insurance for Homeowners
Since 1900, earthquakes have caused damage in every state in the country, and have actually occurred in more than two-thirds of them. Because of that, earthquakes are one type of peril that should receive serious consideration from all homeowners. Even though earthquake insurance is expensive, it is much less costly to carry the coverage for many years without needing it than to have to rebuild your home out of pocket a single time because you didn't have insurance.
Flooding can occur anytime or anywhere within the United States. Just because you're not directly next to a body of water or in a flood zone does not mean that your home is not at risk of being damaged by floods. About 25% of all flood claims submitted to insurance companies come from locations that are not considered to be "high risk". Almost all homeowners insurance policies exclude flooding requiring those who want flood insurance to get additional coverage.
A Primer in Subrogation
There are a lot of technical legal and insurance terms that are confusing. Subrogation is one such term. Subrogation is s a common practice for insurance companies; it is a practice which has very limited use in other fields. So what is subrogation?
Tropical Storm Insurance for Homeowners
Tropical storms are common in the southeast, and have been known to strike as far north as Maine and inland as far as Illinois. In most places, the storm is limited to the status of any other severe storm, and a standard home insurance policy will cover most damages, but the occasional strong tropical storm has the potential to bring severe flooding with it, and that is an area where the average homeowners policy will leave you without any recourse.
Getting Homeowners Insurance After Your Policy Gets Cancelled
Most mortgage lenders will make having home insurance a condition of your mortgage, so if your insurance company notifies you of an intent to cancel your policy you would be rightfully concerned. You have the right to review the reason for the cancellation and appeal the finding. It may be that your notification was a mistake and the error can be easily corrected. If not, you will need to find other coverage as quickly as possible to prevent a lapse that could cost you your home.
Home Insurance Rates
Home insurance rates you can get online are one of the best ways to save money on homeowners insurance. Begin by filling a quote request that describes you and your home, and then receive a set of quotes from local insurance agents that can be compared to determine which one offers the best prices, coverage and service. You should also read insurance company reviews to see how current and former customers rate the company you're considering.


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