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Not Having Homeowners Insurance Can Turn a Small Incident into a Financial Nightmare
Homeowners insurance is more important than some home owners fully appreciate. In a matter of minutes your entire home and all of your personal property can be turned into rubble and strewn across vast areas. If that happened and you did not have home insurance, the cost of replacing it all would be an out of pocket expense. But with coverage, the amount of cash you have to spend is going to be minimal, or completely nonexistent.
Riot, Terrorism and Civil Disorder Insurance
Since the incident on 9/11, terrorism and civil unrest have become important considerations for homeowners, especially in dense population centers. And since most home insurance policies do not include riots, terrorism or civil disorder by default, it is up to each homeowner to determine if they need such coverage and to purchase it separately.
Fitch Insurance Company Ratings Explained
Fitch's financial sector ratings are performed by a staff of trained analysts who review each company on several factors including the ability to meet commitments such as interest and dividend payments, the company's ability to withstand a major surge in claims, and how well the company has performed economically. Ratings are performed regularly and may be adjusted any time there is any major financial activity with the company.
AARP Insurance Discounts for Seniors
There are quite a few advantages for seniors who belong to the American Association of Retired Persons, or AARP. Among those advantages are things such as guaranteed acceptance life and health insurance, discounts on many different lines of coverage, and the availability of group insurance through membership in AARP.
Home & Car Insurance Discounts
There are a lot of discounts available for both your home and car that can save you money on insuring them. Possible categories for savings include safety, car or structural details, personal details, and special discounts. The following list is not complete, and not all discounts are available from every insurance company, but it should provide you with enough information to help you find even more ways to save money.
Your Insurance Agent's Role in the Claims Process
The role played by your insurance agent will be different from one company to another, and could differ dramatically if you are purchasing coverage through an independent agent. If you have to file an insurance claim, contacting your agent is important to keep them apprised of the situation, but there may be a different contact with the insurance provider that will actually handle the claims process.
The American Automobile Association was founded to make it easier and safer for members to travel. Since the club was founded, the benefits they are able to offer their members has gone from discounts at select locations to a network of travel related savings that include fuel, lodging, and exclusive benefits such as free towing or roadside assistance. Additionally, AAA members are invited to purchase car insurance through partner companies, getting group discount pricing on top of the line auto insurance.
Hurricanes can be especially troublesome in some parts of the country, but may only be occasional nuisances in others, while other parts of the country never experience the full brunt of such storms at all. It will depend on where you live and which insurance company you have chosen whether you are covered for hurricane damages, and the flooding caused by major storms is not covered by any standard policies at all.
Homeowner's Insurance for People with Bad Credit
You may not realize it, but your credit score has a definite impact on what your home insurance rates will be. Even worse, if you have an extremely low credit score the cost of insurance may be too high to afford, or not even available through traditional insurers. Insurance companies use your credit score as an indication of how well you can be counted on to pay your premiums, so a higher credit score is always going to save you money.
Before purchasing insurance, it is a good idea to check the ratings of the company to find out how it fares. That is where a ratings company like Moody's comes in, providing you with a simple scale to illustrate how well the company you are interested in is doing. Armed with that information, the consumer is able to make better informed decisions, and to be prepared for what they are signing themselves up for.


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