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Contents Insurance
Contents insurance is the type of coverage necessary to protect your personal property against many types of damage as well as theft and vandalism. This type is more commonly referred to as personal property insurance in the United States, while it is known as contents insurance in other English speaking countries. Most standard homeowner's policies include coverage for the contents of the home, but the limits tend to be only a small percentage of the policy value.
Guide to Hurricane Insurance Claims
The climate is changing, and severe weather disruptions are almost certainly to be expected in the coming years. Super storms like Sandy are forecast to become more common, cause more damage, and affect areas which were rarely affected before the turn of the century. Even if you were not affected by Sandy as it rolled through, knowing how to react to a hurricane or other major storm may be essential to being able to settle claims a little farther down the road.
Insuring Your Gadgets
It is becoming more and more common for people to own and sometimes carry multiple electronic devices. From a new droid cellphone or iPhone to an Amazon Kindle, straight up through mobile computing tablets and all of the accessories that make them perform better and define who you are. Since the value of those gadgets is also relatively high, it is important that you insure them properly, or you could be forced to spend the money out of your own pocket to replace them yourself.
Documenting Damage for Homeowners Insurance Claims
If you have to file a claim on your homeowners insurance policy, it will help you considerably if you provide enough documentation to back up your claim. Documenting the damage for your home insurance company includes having multiple estimates, providing receipts and other proof of ownership, showing the insurance company that the damaged items were in your home inventory, and documenting the total amount you claim for loss of use.
Common Insurance Mistakes Homeowners Make
Purchasing home insurance can be a confusing process, and many homeowners make similar mistakes, such as believing the policy covers every possible problem or even completely repair the home. By understanding some of the more common mistakes, you can get the best coverage at the lowest price. Start with these 6 common homeowners insurance mistakes, and then ask your agent about other ways to save.
What a Typical Homeowners Insurance Policy Covers
If you own a house, it almost goes without saying that you have homeowner's insurance. There are some ambiguities about what is covered on homeowner's policies. In a nutshell, most homeowner's insurance policies cover costs for damage cause to or by your home. Since there are some differences in each policy, it is a good idea to review yours and determine what your coverage entails. You don't want to be in a situation where something happens to your house and you don't have the right kind or adequate coverage for the situation.
What Your Insurance Company Won't Tell You
Your insurance agent may be on your side and get you the best insurance quotes, but that doesn't mean they will always be 100% honest with you. It isn't that they may outright lie, but there's a good chance that some information will be left out or like any sales process, you'll be given a rosier picture than reality.
How to Negotiate a Cheaper Rate on Insurance
There was a time when you couldn't get cheap house, or renters insurance, because there may not have been many insurance companies to choose from. Today, however, it's a different story. The Internet and the explosion of insurance providers have provided consumers with more choices than ever before. More importantly, now consumers have more control related to getting the best, cheaper rates on homeowners or renters insurance.
How to Get the Best Homeowners Insurance
You just bought your dream home in your dream neighborhood. End of story, right? Wrong. If you want to protect your dream house, you'll want to get the best homeowners insurance. The process to buy homeowners insurance is really not difficult, but it does take some to research to evaluate the number of companies that claim to offer the best insurance rates.
Homeowners Insurance for Pet Owners
All homeowners need to have insurance, but that can be especially evident for pet owners. Not only does the coverage include your personal property and the dwellings, it will also protect you against lawsuits arising from damages or injuries related to your pet. Be warned, though, that homeowners insurance for pet owners may be more costly than for someone without pets, because there is an increase in the potential risks when animals are brought into the equation.


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