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Self Employed Health Insurance Guide
Health insurance is undergoing a dramatic reform that can affect anyone, even people who are self-employed and providing their own health insurance coverage. Keeping up with the new laws can be confusing, but here are some basic points that may help you out in your search for affordable health insurance.
Sensitive Insurance Wording
We all have words or phrases that set us off or cause discomfort. Your insurance company is no different when it comes to word or phrase sensitivities. There are some words that are so important to insurance companies that an incorrect usage of the word could result in non-payment on a claim or other confusion. It always helps to know the sensitive words, so you can approach any conversations with your insurance provider the right way.
HMO vs PPO Health Insurance
There are some employers that make employees and their family member a selection of healthcare plans. In order to make the right decision to meet your personal, economic, family and medical needs, it is important to know the difference between HMO and PPO healthcare programs, if you should be offered such a choice. This article will describe the differences between these two healthcare programs. This can be a very important decision, so having all of the facts can help you to make a better decision about the insurance that you choose. HMO
Understanding Health Insurance Acronyms
It is hard to understand all of the acronyms in healthcare today. It can be difficult to know what people are talking about when they throw all the sets of letters around in conversation. It is interesting to note that most of these acronyms refer to the same basic kind of coverage. Some of these acronyms simply identify different specifications of how a process is handled or how the insured party is to be reimbursed, if reimbursement is required, for any personal expenses incurred.
HMO Health Insurance Plans
An HMO, or Health Maintenance Organization, is a type of health insurance plan. HMO plans are commonly provided by an employer, and is the most popular type of coverage. Employers typically provide all, or some, of the benefit premiums as a benefit to employees. This fact makes HMOs a popular option for many, but you should also know that HMO plans have limitations that other traditional coverage types do not have.
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