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Getting Homeowners Insurance After Your Policy Gets Cancelled

Most mortgage lenders will make having home insurance a condition of your mortgage, so if your insurance company notifies you of an intent to cancel your policy you would be rightfully concerned. You have the right to review the reason for the cancellation and appeal the finding. It may be that your notification was a mistake and the error can be easily corrected. If not, you will need to find other coverage as quickly as possible to prevent a lapse that could cost you your home.

Shop online for home insurance and compare insurance quotes. Using a website like ours that offers insurance quotes will provide you with some comparison quotes so you can narrow down the choices. Keep in mind that a standard homeowners policy varies from company to company and make sure that the companies you get quotes from offer everything you need in a policy.

Once you have chosen a couple of companies, check their financial rating with a company like A.M. Best to find out how well they are financially rated. A high score, A++ with the Best Company, indicates an insurer with a lot of assets and financial resources. Lower scores could indicate financial difficulties. Since a mortgage is a long term financial undertaking, use an insurance company with a solid foundation to back your family's dreams. Read insurance company reviews to also get a feeling for how other people rate the company.

Look for discounts that can help you get cheaper home insurance premiums while you are shopping. You can get discounts for your occupation, your marital status and your credit score. You can also receive discounts for making your home safer, such as installing deadbolt locks or a monitored security system. There are over a dozen discounts available, and the more you can get, the lower your insurance costs will be. You may not have wanted to change your insurance company, but doing so could save you a great deal of money if you do it right.

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