Free Online Calculators for Kids

In this guide, we have collected some great online calculators to make homework and learning a lot easier. There are calculators for you to use in math, science, and even when evaluating your health. There are also some fun calculator games included so you can relax and have fun once the work is done.

Math Calculators

Here we have some great mathematics calculators you can use in getting that homework done. We’ve lined up three of the best online calculators you can use to get assignments completed.

Don’t let those quadratic equations hold you back. Solve them with ease. Check the quadratic equations calculator below.

Learning algebra can be difficult, but not when you have a great calculator to check your answers. Just enter the inequality or equation, select the variable, hit solve and the solution will appear.

Are fractions making you fret? Don’t! The third link will take you to a fraction calculator.


Science Calculators

Whether you are writing a lab report or just converting Fahrenheit to Celsius, online calculators can help. First, you will find a classic scientific calculator you can use for those formulas. Follow the first link in the resources below for that.

Next, you can find the atomic weight of a certain element from the periodic table easily by using the Atomic Weight calculator.

Lastly, there is an excellent calculator available for those times you need to calculate molar mass and chemical composition. Simply enter the chemical formula, and you will have the solution.


Health Calculators

As you grow your brain, do not forget your health! These calculators will help to keep your health in check.

First, there is a Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator. You can enter your height and weight to see if you have a healthy BMI.

Are you curious about how many calories are burned doing things you love? Have a look using the HealthCalc Calories Burned calculator. Enter an activity you enjoy and find out what it is worth in calories. There are also everyday activities on the list.

Lastly, if you are into exercise, check out the target heart rate calculator. You can learn what a healthy heart rate should be and work up to it during your exercise. If you wear a fitness watch or use a machine at the gym, you can see that easily. But if you do not have access to those items, you can learn how to check your pulse right on the American Cancer Society site.


Cooking calculators

Cooking is always lots of fun. You get to try out new foods and take pride in what you made once it is all done. Best of all, you can share the great food you make with friends and family. Here are some cooking calculators you can use as you make the perfect dish.

Did you find a recipe that uses the Metric system? Do you need to use the Imperial system?  Use a metric conversions calculator for help. You can follow recipes from other nations and prepare them with ease, or you can rewrite a recipe for a friend in another country and send it to them.

If you are going to be cooking up some meat or helping mom or dad in the kitchen with a roast, try the GoodCalculators meat calculator. You will learn how long to cook the meat, and this will ensure safety as well as flavor.


Calculator Games for Kids

There are plenty of fun games that kids can use to learn their way around a calculator. By having fun and playing a game, they will not even know they are learning. Here are three fun activities for kids big and small.

The first activity is for young children. Teach them how addition and multiplication are related by having them find out their age in months. For example, if your child is 5, they will put 12 into the calculator five times to see that they are 60 months old.

The next game is called Calc-a-Hundred. Two players can play. They choose a number and then multiply that number to get as close to a hundred as possible. Then the next player does the same with the result from the first player. The first to get to 100 or over wins.

The last game is a brain tickler for even the most mathematical students. In Broken Calculator, students have to find ways to reach a number using only certain keys and functions on their calculator. It forces them to go beyond normal math facts and functions to get the desired result. You can play it online or on a physical calculator.


Other Calculators

There are even more useful and fun calculators you can use in your daily life. Use a financial calculator to learn how to manage your money. There is a water calculator you can use as well to make sure you are getting enough.

Are you looking to save for something special? Use a savings calculator to see what to put away each month to reach your goal.

Are you curious about water? Do you know if you’re drinking enough? Do you want to learn how to save water? Check out the Water Footprint calculator to learn cool facts about how water powers our entire life.

Do you want to attend college or a vocational school someday? No matter your dream, you have to fund it first. Use the FINRA calculator to help you plan. Just enter in a few details, like the cost of your college, current savings, and the number of years you will be enrolled. You can get a general idea of what college will cost.