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Driving Safety Tips for Seniors

As we get older, our reflexes and perceptions change, and that brings about changes in our driving habits as well. Small things which may seem inconsequential by themselves could be a group of symptoms that indicates problems with your driving. Be alert for changes in your driving behavior or that of aging loved ones, and get the attention necessary to correct any potential problems.

Medications Affect Driving

Your medications will have an effect on your driving habits, even if they are not having a direct impact on your driving skills. For example, a diuretic may not cause you to drive differently, but having to use a restroom more frequently could change how you drive and where you are willing to drive to. Know all of the consequences of your medications and keep them in mind when operating a vehicle. If you are unsure of a medication you have taken, do not drive.

Blind Spots Get Bigger

Aging muscles stop performing as well as they once did, and one consequence of that is a reduction in the actual turn of the head when you look to the side or behind you. This could result in having larger "blind spots" around the vehicle where you have no direct visual scene to rely on. Look two or three times before changing lanes, and make sure to use your signals to notify other drivers.

Obey Speed Limits

Speed limits are not limited to driving fast. Beware of the tendency to idle along roadways at speeds slower than the posted limit because doing so blocks the flow of traffic, causes congestion, and increase the potential for an accident to occur. Compare your driving speed with posted limits frequently and maintain a steady amount of acceleration.

Age Affects Skills

There is currently nothing that can be done to prevent the effects of aging on our mental and muscular skills. Because of that, it is important to monitor the driving habits of seniors occasionally to ascertain that they are in complete control of the car and have the necessary faculties to drive.

Car Insurance for Seniors

Senior drivers are statistically more at risk of getting into an accident than younger drivers. While the accidents aren't always as damaging, the increased prevalence of them can cause increase premiums to increase. If your rates do rise, you should compare car insurance quotes from other companies to ensure you're getting the best rates.

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