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Cheaper Car Insurance for Teens by Completing Driver's Ed

Teen drivers are notoriously the most expensive drivers to insure. Because they have not had much experience driving, they are prone to mistakes, may not display good driving judgment, and generally present an increased for everyone on the roads with them. There are ways to reduce the risks and get lower car insurance quotes for teens; one of those methods is to take a drivers education course.

Drivers Education Saves Money

For insurance companies, a customer taking a course to improve their driving skills means reducing the risks associated with insuring them. When the risks go down, so do the premiums. So you can not only gain some knowledge about driving, you can get lower rates in the process, saving you money and potentially avoiding injuries farther down the road.

Voluntary Education is a Responsible Action

Voluntarily signing up for a driver education course is a sign of maturity and responsibility. By attending and completing a drivers education course, you demonstrate to the insurance company that you have an active interest in bettering your driving skills. In many states taking a voluntary driver improvement course carries a mandatory discount of around 5% for anywhere from 1 to 5 years.

Good Grades Reduce Premiums

Similarly, keeping your grades high shows the insurance companies that you are taking a responsible role in life, and you can earn another discount when you present consistent grades of 3.0 or higher. When this discount is couple with other reductions like the driver's ed course, the cost of insuring a teen driver can be brought down to manageable levels.

Online or In Person

Drivers ed courses are available at many locations around the country or they can be attended online, saving a lot of time and trouble for the people taking them. Additionally, online drivers ed courses are designed to be fun as well as educational, giving teen drivers an entertaining way to learn more about driving responsibly and save money on their car insurance.

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