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Personal Injury Protection Insurance
You may not be familiar with Personal Injury Protection, or PIP. It is commonly called no fault insurance. PIP is required insurance in some states, though not all. Claims are often filed against a PIP policy regardless of who caused the accident. Even though some states require PIP, there are minor variations in what PIP entails from state to state.
A Simple Guide to Accident Forgiveness
Accident forgiveness is available from several different insurance companies including Nationwide, Allstate, The Hartford and several others, but you have to meet the requirements before you are eligible. And determining what you have to do to be eligible may be somewhat confusing, because the rules change from state to state, as well as company to company. Even worse, some insurance companies do not offer accident forgiveness at all. Read up on the accident forgiveness benefit, and if your insurance company does not offer such a plan, it might time to consider switching.
Car Insurance for High Risk Drivers
If you have been involved in an auto accident or two, received a few speeding tickets or even gotten pulled over with too much alcohol in your bloodstream, your car insurance rates may go up considerably. The point is that when your driving history reflects poor driving judgment, you could find yourself in a high risk insurance group where the only insurance available is through non-standard insurers, also called high risk insurance companies.
Raising Your Deductible - Weighing the Risks vs the Benefits
One way to manage the cost of your premiums is to raise or lower your deductibles. Higher deductibles mean lower premiums. But there is a balance between saving money and putting yourself in financial jeopardy. Adjusting your deductibles according to your personal needs is a tool you can use to leverage your ability to buy insurance.
Auto Insurance and Out of State Speeding Tickets
There was a time, a few years back, when drivers weren't required to report speeding tickets received out of state. That is no longer the case. Now out of state driving infractions show up on your insurance. Ever since 2005 states have adopted uniform means of reporting traffic violations. So, if you get a ticket in another state, it will show up on your home-state driving record.
Car Insurance for Military Personnel & Veterans
Car insurance is required by law throughout the United States and its territories. Insurance companies recognize the importance of the armed forces, and offer special discounts to those in all branches of the military. Veteran discounts are available, but any type of military service is eligible for discounts as well. Additionally, the discounts which are available to everyone else are still applicable as well, increasing the total savings to those in the military.
What Is No Fault Insurance?
Don't get the wrong idea about no-fault insurance coverage. Some people believe that no fault insurance will cover any damage incurred during an accident, or that no-fault means that your insurance is guaranteed to pay for the covered driver, which would limit insurance company claims to only the people listed on the policy. Even though there is some truth to these statements, they are not completely true, either.
A Primer in Subrogation
There are a lot of technical legal and insurance terms that are confusing. Subrogation is one such term. Subrogation is s a common practice for insurance companies; it is a practice which has very limited use in other fields. So what is subrogation?
Gap Insurance Basics
There are few things as horrifying as getting into an automobile accident. If your car gets wrecked, especially a newer or more expensive car, another type of horror can set in after the accident. You may still owe a substantial amount of money for the car and begin to worry about how you are going to pay the difference. Gap insurance is the kind of coverage you would want to have if you were in this scenario. If your new car is totaled, standard coverage may only pay the book value of the car. Gap coverage can pay for the remaining balance of your payments.
Split Limit Insurance Guide
The two common types of liability insurance are single and split limit. Single limit insurance provides coverage for bodily injury and property damage under a single maximum payout per incident. Split limit insurance provides coverage for the same two areas, but there is a separation between the two; one payout for bodily injury and another for property damage.


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