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There are many instances where a domestic partnership is eligible for the same price breaks on insurance as a traditionally married couple. There is a possibility of claiming one of the vehicles a a personal or pleasure craft, the qualification for multiple policy discounts and also to capitalize on various opportunities to save money

Liability insurance, which is required in the majority of states, consists of Bodily Injury and Property Damage insurance options which are combined. Liability means that you bear the blame for a particular damage that occurs to another person. Some examples of this would be if you were to cause an accident or collision.

It is always exciting to buy a car. Even if you are purchasing a used car, it is new to you. It is easy to get caught up in all the excitement. A lot of people are shocked when they find out that they can’t even drive their new car until they have the minimum required insurance per their state’s laws. To make matters worse, many people are clueless when it comes to shopping for insurance. They are unsure of what types of coverage they have and have no idea of what to expect from their insurance company.

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