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Arizona requires all of its drivers to maintain minimum insurance requirements if they operate a vehicle within the state. Once you have insurance, your company will usually notify the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) but it is still your responsibility to make sure you have proof of insurance when asked. Some Arizona insurance laws are different from other states so it is important to stay up to date on current requirements.

When driving in Arkansas, you must be able to show proof of insurance when asked by an officer or registering your vehicle. Arkansas law mandates specific coverage minimums and has an electronic system in place to keep records of insurance coverage. Yet, there are still people who do not carry insurance and if caught, can receive fines and/or have their registration suspended.

Connecticut insurance law requires that all motorists to maintain minimum insurance requirements which include liability and uninsured motorist coverages. The state has specific fines for those that do not comply with the law. It is also strongly recommended that you obtain additional coverage to maximize your protection.

New York requires all motorists to maintain insurance coverage and is a no fault state. This, along with the fact that it has a large population concentrated in the New York City area, cause insurance rates in New York to be consistently higher than the national average. Nevertheless, to ensure you have adequate coverage, you should consider getting more than just the minimum coverage required.

All drivers in New Jersey are required to maintain minimum insurance requirements. Unlike other states, New Jersey law provides the option for a very basic insurance coverage that will meet state requirements and also a standard policy that provides more protection and gives you additional legal rights.

Unlike most other states, most drivers in New Hampshire are not legally required to maintain minimum insurance coverage. Nevertheless, it is strongly recommended to purchase at least a minimum amount of coverage to protect you, your vehicle and your passengers.

New Mexico requires drivers to maintain financial responsibility in the form of an insurance policy or posting cash or bond with the state treasury. Most often, people will opt for simply getting a car insurance policy. New Mexico has certain minimum requirements and insurance laws that you should be aware of if you currently live in, plan on moving to or are just visiting the state.

Alabama insurance laws are quite harsh for drivers who do not maintain minimum car insurance requirements. The state follows a tort system and provides several options to maintain financial responsibility. Staying up to date on current Alabama insurance rules and regulations is important not just to make sure you’re following the law but also to keep you and your passengers safe and protected.

Delaware requires all of its drivers to maintain a current car insurance policy for all registered vehicles even if they are not actively being driven. They have stiff penalties for those caught without proper coverage and also have some unique requirements unique to the state that you should be aware of.

The District of Columbia, more commonly referred to as Washington D.C., requires all drivers to maintain minimum insurance coverage. This coverage includes bodily injury, property damage and coverage for uninsured motorists. Specific insurance laws in Washington D.C. differ from other states so it is recommended that you maintain basic knowledge of insurance rules and regulations.

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