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Car Insurance for Domestic Partnerships

There are many instances where a domestic partnership is eligible for the same price breaks on insurance as a traditionally married couple. There is a possibility of claiming one of the vehicles a a personal or pleasure craft, the qualification for multiple policy discounts and also to capitalize on various opportunities to save money

What is a Domestic Partnership?

A domestic partnership is very similar to a marriage. Usually, domestic partners have lived in the same residence in a long-term relationship with each other. Often times these partnerships are referred to as civil unions. Some insurance company may require that the domestic partnership be legally registered in order to receive coverage. Other companies use varied methods to make a determination on the status of the relationship.

Multi-Car / Multi-Driver Discounts

Domestic partners may qualify for multi-car/multi-driver policies. Both vehicles will need to be at the same residence in order to qualify for these discounts. Both vehicles are considered to be standard commuter automobiles with the exception being if they are used for a special purpose during the standard occupation.

Personal and Pleasure Car Insurance

If a car is used for trips to the store, socializing or other transportation activities not related to work, this vehicle can qualify as a personal vehicle. However, if a vehicle is used for specific activities like camping or towing a boat, this car can be classified as a pleasure vehicle. Insurance coverage for pleasure vehicles is the least costly of all, but the vehicle must meet several criteria, which are used to make this determination. One example of the criteria used is number of miles that the vehicle is driven in the year

Multiple Policy Discounts

Most insurance providers can offer multiple policy discounts; these are typically rewarded to customers because of their loyalty over the years. Having home insurance and car insurance policies with the same insurance company is a standard way that many people qualify for multiple policy discounts.

Other Ways to Save on Car Insurance

Perhaps the single best way to save money is by being a safe driver, though this is not the only way. There is the possibility of professional discounts for one or both partners. Police, nurses, and many other emergency workers are eligible for discounts as well. Drivers that register for and complete driver improvement courses can be eligible for discounts too. Speak with an insurance agent to discover which types of discounts you may be eligible for.