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Car Insurance for 26 Year Olds

car insurance for 26 year oldsIn the insurance world, a person's 26th birthday marks a new, lower risk stage of life. Car insurance, for someone who just turned 26, is no longer a decision between staying on their parents' policy and purchasing coverage of their own, but the rates she will have to pay will be lower than if she was still in her early 20's. Cheap car insurance for 26 year olds is available, by looking for discounts and shopping for the best price.

Look for Personal Discounts

The first place to look for savings on car insurance is with your personal factors. Discounts are available for a number of personal items, including your marital status, your occupation, and where you live. Similarly, if you park your car in a garage at night you will pay lower premiums than if you park on the street. Additional discounts are available if you have a safe driving history and for those who maintain a credit score over 650. You can even take a driver safety course to receive a mandatory discount for several years.

Saving Money with Your Car

The car you own can be a source of savings on car insurance for a 26 year old. One example would be to drive a 4 door sedan instead of a 2 door sports car. The safety features built into your car, such as anti-lock brakes, electronic stability control, airbags, or anti-theft devices are all eligible for car insurance discounts. Another suggestion is to pay cash for an older car, and drop your collision coverage. That would mean that you would have to pay for repairs to your own vehicle out of pocket, but the savings on your premiums would be tremendous.

Bundle Policies for Lower Rates

If you have multiple insurance policies, such as car insurance, life insurance, and homeowners or renters insurance, you can get discounts by purchasing them from the same insurer. Insurance statistics show that the risks of paying multiple policies at the same time or very low, and that means you are awarded discounts for minimizing the risk for the insurance company.