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Car Insurance for a 17 Year Old

Finding cheap car insurance for a 17 year old means shopping around for the best price, modifying the coverage to suit your particular needs and working hard to qualify for as many discounts as possible. The car is a good place to look for discounts, and can be used to reduce your premiums by hundreds of dollars a year.

Do Not Buy Your Own Policy Yet

It is much cheaper to be added to your parent's policy for as long as you live at home, up to the age of 26. Since adding the driver lists them as a secondary driver instead of the primary, the rates are lower. You are essentially listed as a part-time driver, so the risks of insuring are lower due to the fact that you are expected to be on the road less often.

Inside the Car

The more secure the car and its occupants are, the lower the cost of insuring the vehicle. Start by looking for a car that has fared well in highway safety ratings, and then find a model with safety features such as airbags or anti-theft components. If the car has a hands-free dock for your cellphone, that earn you another discount.

Outside the Car

The make and model of the car you drive will play a large part in setting your premiums. A car with a large engine is more likely to cause serious injuries in an accident, for example. Sedans with room for the whole family are also cheaper to insure than sports cars or hot rods. And if you resist the urge to deck the car out in the largest rims and latest light sets or other accessories, you can knock even more off the cost of insuring the vehicle. Even better, if you can afford to pay cash for a vehicle, you can drop collision coverage and save even more.

Education and Responsibility

Good grades will earn you a car insurance discount. You can also get a discount by completing a driver improvement course. In both cases, the insurance company views your actions as being responsible and reducing the risks of insuring you. As the risks go down, so do your premiums.

There are other ways to get cheap car insurance, but the above are the most common ways for younger drivers.

About the Author: is a writer for US Insurance Agents. She works hard to help provide a fresh perpsective to insurance, personal finance and related topics.