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Best Car Insurance Rates

Getting cheap car insurance means doing your homework and comparison shopping. You should compare rates before you buy a policy, but it is also important to review your policy frequently, because major life events will have an impact on your insurance that could mean lower rates. If you keep your agent up to date or compare quotes, you'll be more certain you're always getting the best car insurance rates.

Start by getting free car insurance quotes from local agents. When you get quotes for coverage, you also have the opportunity to compare rates between major insurance companies. That means that even if the company you get the quote from does not offer you the best rates, you can still find out which companies do. Getting car insurance quotes online is free and available 24 hours a day, so you can shop for the best rates any time of the day or night, fitting your insurance shopping into your schedule instead of trying to arrange your time around the business hours of a particular company.

As your life changes, so do the rates you pay for car insurance. The first major change will come when you reach the age of 26, because car insurance rates for people 25 and under are typically much higher. Similarly, getting married means lower rates, and moving into a new home in an area with a lower crime rate will do the same. Whether you are changing jobs, getting a new car, or marrying the person of your dreams, each major life event is an opportunity to get the best car insurance rates by looking for new savings that were not available before. Many insurers suggest reviewing your policy and getting new rate quote every 6 months, because even something you consider minor could make a difference. This may include an old speeding ticket being removed from consideration after being on your record for a few years or your credit score increasing, bot of which can result in lower rates based on an "improved" driving history and financial standing.

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