Is Matrix Direct a good insurance company?

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Asked September 26, 2011

1 Answer

Matrix Direct boasts having more than $120 billion in insurance policies in effect, making it one of the top insurance underwriters in the country. Their insurance lines are offered through a diverse group of partner companies which include Gerber, American General Insurance and Fidelity Life.

Financial Rating
Matrix Direct has a Better Business Bureau financial rating of A+, only one notch from being at the top of the financial ratings. This indicates that the company is on firm financial ground, suitable both for purchasing insurance policies and investing options. Matrix Direct is not rated by A.M. Best due to the nature of the corporation as an insurance reseller rather than a primary underwriter.

Customer Satisfaction
Customer satisfaction of Matrix Direct is difficult to establish because the company does not sell its own insurance but rather markets insurance lines for other leading companies. Matrix only sells life insurance products, and boasts more than 5 million currently active policies.

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Company Availability
Matrix Direct is licensed to sell insurance in all 50 states plus the District of Columbia. The company sells insurance policies for other leading underwriters, but does not own any insurance underwriters directly. Matrix Direct prides itself on being a new kind of insurance distributor, and their business methods seem to back up the claim.

The Bottom Line
Matrix Direct is a large life insurance reseller. They do not offer multiple lines of insurance, which limits their appeal in the consumer market. The company has a high rating from the Better Business Bureau, but should be investigated closely before committing to long term insurance policies or large scale investment plans. There is nothing to indicate a problem with Matrix Direct, but it is still a wise decision to invest cautiously.

Answered September 26, 2011 by Anonymous

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