Are Illinois public employees retirement and life insurance payouts public record?

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Asked April 11, 2018

1 Answer

The answer to this question isn't always a black and white matter. However, in general, Illinois public employees retirement and life insurance payouts are not a part of the public record. This is because the payouts are usually made to a certain person, just like a paycheck would be, keeping them private. By being paid directly to one individual, the payments don't have to pass through probate, keeping them free from the public's eyes.

For example, retirement payments are typically deposited directly into the retirees bank account. This is entirely secure and keeps the matter private, if the idea of your retirement payments being available to the public's knowledge doesn't sit well with you.

The same goes for life insurance payments, though this is where variables can shake things up again. Typically, the life insurance payout will go directly to a predetermined beneficiary. This is just like retirement checks being placed directly into an account.

However, on the off chance that a beneficiary wasn't already chosen, in some select circumstances life insurance payouts can become public record, like in the case of a large estate you owned having no beneficiaries. It's really based on the specific circumstances surrounding your situation, like if you were paid retirement and then got a divorce. Because the divorce is public record, your payments could be made public as well.

But usually, you don't have to worry about your information being made available for the general public.

Answered April 16, 2018 by larson82

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