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I don't live near water, why would I ever need flood insurance?

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Flooding can happen almost anywhere, not only in places with bodies of water nearby. Additionally, flooding is a potential threat that can be caused by other insurance perils such as tornadoes or earthquakes. No matter where your home is located, the possibility of flooding exists, whether you live below sea level, near a river or coastline, or even high in a mountainous area.

Flood insurance is not included in a standard home insurance policy, which means you will have to purchase the coverage separately, and sometimes flood insurance is only available through high risk insurers. In fact, flood insurance may not be available through traditional insurance sources at all, but only through government monitored services such as the FAIR plan, in which all insurance companies which sell homeowners insurance in your state are required to participate.

As an example of how flood insurance can be important to people who do not live near water, suppose you live in a hilly region in the northern portion of the country. After a weeklong driving blizzard, if the weather suddenly turns warm enough to allow the accumulated snow and ice to melt, flash flooding could suddenly become a major problem, filling ravines and causing serious erosion at all elevations. Without flood insurance, the damages caused by rising waters, even incidental damages such as power outages which cause the food in your freezer to spoil, would become out of pocket expenses that might cause you serious financial problems to overcome.

The importance of flood insurance cannot be stressed enough. Flooding can affect everyone, at any time, and there is no part of the country which does not experience flooding, sometimes annually and other times once or twice a decade. Since there is no way to anticipate when you could be faced with waters that rise above their historical norm, the only way to be protected when the situation occurs is to have a flood insurance policy in place before the rains begin to fall.

answered Jan 9, 2012 by anonymous
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