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Is a good insurance company?

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asked Dec 20, 2011 by anonymous

1 Answer

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Rather than being an insurance company, is an online home insurance broker. They offer home insurance information as well as home and auto policies which are underwritten by some of the leaders in the home insurance market. A sampling of the companies represented by include Safeco insurance, Foremost Insurance, and the Progressive insurance group. is the parent company of, which has similar offerings.

Financial Rating is not rated by financial ratings companies such as A.M. Best and Finch's. As an insurance broker, the company is not considered a true home insurance underwriter, but the company provides insurance through top-rated names in the business, weeding out questionable insurance companies before you see them so that you are assured of dealing with only top-notch companies from all over the country.

Customer Satisfaction
Because only deals with leading insurance underwriters, customer approval of the brokerage is high. Another factor that weighs in favor of the company is the fact that they earn their income by providing services to customers. Instead of being on the payroll of a particular insurance company, they work directly for their customers, which means they will work harder to make their customers happy.

Insurance Reviews Company Availability
Nationwide reach is another aspect of that is directly related to their being a brokerage for a variety of companies. employs licensed home insurance agents who provide policies underwritten by companies that are licensed to sell insurance products in particular areas. What this means to you is that can customize your policy based on where you are located and which of their partner companies are currently providing insurance products in your area. Even though not all of the companies they represent are licensed in every state, you will always be presented with choices only from companies that are applicable to your needs.

The Bottom Line and their subsidiary, act as the middle link between you and your insurance company. The companies do not directly underwrite policies, but they do customize your policy and provide you with quotes and coverage that are specific to your location. When you deal with this sort of company, you are guaranteed a high level of customer service and the lowest prices available for the policies you buy.

answered Dec 20, 2011 by anonymous
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