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Is The Hartford a good insurance company?

1 Answer

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Founded in 1810, Hartford insurance was ranked 78th on the Forbes Top 100 list in recent years. The company is primarily represented by independent agents nationwide, but also provides direct sales through such distinguished companies as AARP. The Hartford is also a leading supplier of financial tools, including annuities, mutual funds and college tuition savings accounts.

Financial Rating
The Hartford is rated as A+ by the A.M. Best financial ratings company, and has weathered recent turmoil in the insurance industry much better than many of their competitors. With nearly $300 billion in company assets, the company reported revenues totaling more than $27 billion in 2008. Leading indicators point to The Hartford as a stable company for investors and insurance seekers alike.

Customer Satisfaction
Online reviews are not the most dependable way to find out how an insurance company treats its customers, as unhappy customers tend to post reviews more consistently than happy ones. Hartford is given a 10% "extremely satisfied" rating online, with 62% of respondents reporting less than favorable interactions. Before taking these reviews to heart, possible insurance applicants are encouraged to delve deeper into the company's behavior and

The Hartford Reviews Company Availability
Hartford insurance is available in 48 states plus Puerto Rico. This means that almost anywhere you may travel to in the United States, you Hartford insurance policies can travel with you, a definite plus in today's mobile business community.

The Bottom Line
The Hartford group of insurance companies is one of the best known insurers in the country. They have a firm financial foundation and millions of currently active policies. For those seeking insurance or a stable platform for capital investment, Hartford insurance is definitely worth putting further investigation into. The company has a very long history and a well-established presence, outweighing many of the arguments that make other companies a questionable place to purchase insurance.

answered Oct 3, 2011 by anonymous
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