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Will Homeowners Insurance cover water damage from Hurricane?

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Whether or not the water damage from a hurricane is covered by your insurance depends on how the damage was caused more than anything else. Some types of damage are covered on standard home insurance policies, but not all. For example, flood insurance is not included and may even require you to purchase a special, separate policy. Living in an area where hurricanes are common probably means that insurance companies have suffered huge losses in the past and may only offer high risk coverage for home owners.

There are three major types of water damage, and two of them are covered by standard home insurance. The first one is water damage caused by a malfunctioning appliance such as a leaking water heater, or some other plumbing problem. This problem could be caused by a hurricane and still be covered. The second type of water damage, seepage, is typically covered by a standard home insurance policy. That is, if the water damage is caused by water that leaks into the home due to a saturated water table. Seepage, like leaking pipes, is still covered if it is caused by a hurricane.

The third type flood damage is the exception to insurance coverage. Flood damage requires you to purchase a special insurance rider or even a separate stand-alone policy, and locations that are prone to flooding may be expensive or difficult to find flood insurance for. You will still be able to buy the coverage, but it may come at a much higher price, and in some of the most flood-prone areas you may have to call your state's Department of Insurance or purchase the coverage through special flood insurance pools.

answered Oct 14, 2011 by anonymous
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