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Who can be insured under a car insurance policy?

1 Answer

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Usually all licensed drivers living under the same household can be listed and covered under the same policy. Most insurance companies will ask you about other licensed drivers in your household and suggest that they be listed on your policy just in case a situation comes up where they must drive the car. Some state laws or insurance company policies may vary so you will want to ask your insurance carrier about the guidelines they follow.

Normally, you and your spouse and children and any other immediate family that lives with you can be covered under your policy. You insurance can also serve non-family members who still resides in your household, such as a roommate. If someone from outside your home drives your car frequently you may want to add this person to your policy. This may include a nanny that lives in your home or an in-home caretaker.

Your children can be covered on your insurance policy until they move out or reach the age of 25. At that time they will need to obtain their own policy. If they go to school more than 100 miles from the household they also may be required to get a policy of their own. If you have a case specific question as to who else may be eligible to be insured under you policy your agent would be glad to help you. Always make sure a person is covered before letting them drive your vehicle. In the case of teen drivers, it is often more affordable for the parent to register the vehicle the teen drives, and add the teen to their policy than purchase a car insurance policy for the teen separately.

answered Aug 16, 2011 by anonymous
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