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What is the average rate difference between 16 year old males and 16 year old females?

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While there is not a comprehensive database that lists the typical insurance costs by gender, it is well known that teen drivers the riskiest people to insurance. Statistically, all teens are more likely to speed or drive in an otherwise unsafe manner, owing in part to peer pressure and the general attitudes of youth, but also influenced at least in part by the fact that teen drivers are less experienced drivers and more likely to make mistakes that older drivers would avoid.

Also, insurance companies routinely rate men as a higher risk than women, and the same holds true for 16 year old drivers. Teen boys are more impulsive than teen girls, and subject to riskier behavior on the roadways. As they age, girls mature more quickly than boys and tend to settle into calmer lifestyles.

For young male drivers, the best rates come when you have gotten married. Even if you do so at 17 or 18 years old you will be eligible for discounts available to married drivers, and your rates will drop again when you reach the age of 25. Until one or both of those things happen, male drivers are faced with being a high risk both because of their age and experience level, but less stable because they are single.

answered Jul 26, 2011 by anonymous
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