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How long does home insurance send claim for a burglary?

1 Answer

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The length of time it takes to settle on a home burglary claim will depend on a number of factors. The amount of the claim and how well the claim can be documented are two important factors, but your personal claim history may also be a factor. Burglary claims are difficult to prove or disprove, and a lack of reputable documentation will have a negative effect on how long it takes for the claim to be settled. For the fastest results, keep an up to date home inventory on file with your insurance company, save all of your receipts in a safe, fire resistant location, and obtain a police report immediately upon discovering that you have been burglarized.

If you have a history of filing similar claims, your insurance company may be reluctant to settle until a thorough investigation has been conducted. Additionally, if the claim is for less than your deductible amount, you may have to replace the stolen items yourself. Even worse, if your burglary claim is for merchandise that has not yet been added to your home inventory it may be denied on the grounds that it cannot be shown that you were in personal possession of the property at the time it was stolen.

If all goes well, the claim could be settled in as little as 10 to 14 working days, but that will depend more on how well the claim can be documented than on how fast the insurance company settles. In general, all approved claims are settled within a 2 week period, but getting your claim approved may take that long or longer, delaying the claim due to your own handling of the situation.

answered Jul 12, 2011 by anonymous
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