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Car gifted to me, haven’t yet registers & involved in accident.

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My mother just gifted me the title to my car two weeks ago. I was looking for insurance and going to register the car in my name this week.

Over the weekend I was involved in a car accident and my car looks totaled. I have not yet transferred the title to my name but I have the physical title with me and wrote the mileage on it. My insurance policy is still under my moms name and I am an authorized user.

Should I still change the title to my name or will that affect how the claim goes? Basically if I change the title to my name now will the insurance still cover the amount for the car and be given to me or will it be considered void? If so should I just give the title back to my mom and let them be pay out to her instead of me then get a new car?
asked Feb 4, 2019 by hurtbae

1 Answer

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If you are currently listed as an additional driver on your mother's original auto insurance policy, then the ownership of said vehicle is not a pertinent issue. You will need to know what type of insurance coverage your mother has. Do she have the trifecta of liability, collision and comprehensive insurance, informally known as full coverage insurance. If it is just basic liability auto insurance, was there another driver involved and was that driver insured? Your mother's insurer will send over an insurance adjuster, who will consult with all parties involved in the accident. The insurance adjuster will determine if the said vehicle is totaled. It was a good idea that you written down the mileage, because it is one of the factors the adjuster will use to determine the actual cash value of the vehicle. The insurance adjuster will subtract the deductible from the actual cash value to determine the payout. There is also the likely chance your mother's insurance rates will rise, unfortunately.
answered Feb 8, 2019 by InsuranceStar (3,400)
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