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totaled home who gets it?

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the insurance company totaled my home, the check is enough to pay it off, was told i could pay off home or use money to repair it

my question is, if i pay off the home and fix it myself, do i get to keep my home or does insurance company get to salvage it?
asked Jan 15 by anonymous

1 Answer

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If your home is declared a total loss in Florida after a covered peril such as a fire or hurricane, the law is pretty straightforward regarding what happens with your homeowners insurance money.

You have two choices in this situation. You can rebuild the home or take the insurance money and do something else with the property, such as sell it. Florida law is clear regarding a home that is declared a total loss: the insurer must pay out the full amount at which the house is insured, no matter what the homeowner decides to do.

If you choose to rebuild the home, then the insurer will either send you a check for the entire amount or work with you to pay contractors to rebuild. If you choose not to rebuild your home, any money owed on a mortgage will be paid to the lender first, and then the balance of your insurance payout will go to you, allowing you to do with it as you please.
answered Jan 16 by Whitt (1,180)
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