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If I spend the life insurance in nine months, can i get my ssi back?

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1 Answer

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While this question is hard to answer without having more information a few things are worth noting. The Social Security Administration cannot keep you from purchasing or owning life insurance. However, the unearned income from a life insurance policy can be counted against SSI you receive. Generally a one or two time payment that is spent within a few months will not negate long term SSI. However, it still needs to be reported since the Social Security Administration probably knows about it already. The benefits will be smaller for those months with the extra income but it should not stop SSI. Nine months may be too long though, since it will give the impression of a long term adjusted income. If you are on a fixed income and concerned about losing those benefits there are ways of spending the money wisely such as paying off debt and paying ahead of time for future expenses that may help you achieve some financial goals without compromising the SSI.
answered Jan 18 by zenguy (2,040)
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