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Who handles the claims for American Vehicle Insurance Company?

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1 Answer

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American National is now apart of FedNat Insurance company, who will handle all your claim needs. This would depend on if you decided to file a claim. Assuming that you did file one, you'd take the paperwork to FedNat Insurance company. The company, representative or agent will help you fill out the form. FedNat Insurance company would recommend a water remediation company for the loss. This will be of no charge to you. FedNat will provide you services depending on the type of damages and losses. You need to have photographs, receipts, and save anything from the damage. If you any of your possessions were stolen, called emergency services. As a whole though, FedNat would handle any and all claims. Any contractors FedNat provides for your loss, they will be sure it is covered. All damages on the property will go through another examination to be sure. Remember, it is not necessary to file a claim, but it is still highly recommended to call them.

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answered Jan 23 by FirstLight (2,730)
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