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I had 2 water issues earlier in the year will homeowners cover damage to the foundation under one room

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The room was an add on during the 40s and built to code
asked Jun 5, 2018 by anonymous

1 Answer

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Most likely homeowner's insurance will cover the repairs to the water-damaged areas but may not necessarily pay to repair the cause, but there are several exclusions. Flooding is not covered unless you have a separate policy purchased through the federal government. Private homeowners insurance typically will pay to replace water damage that resulted from plumbing issues, leaking roofs, and sump pumps. Mold removal and treatment coverage are usually included in homeowner's insurance policies. Since there are many factors to a water damage case, especially without knowing the exact cause, it is best to contact your insurance agent for more help before filing a claim. Your agent or insurance company will be able to update you on your type of coverage, amount of deductible, and their recommended plan of action. Most likely they will send out an employee or contractor to perform a preliminary inspection of the damage before moving forward with a repair plan.
answered Jun 6, 2018 by insure3200 (1,300)
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