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I terminated my insurance after getting Employment offer. But the start date delayed by 3 months what can I do?

1 Answer

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In South Carolina and Georgia, there are a couple of options you can look into if you are temporarily without health insurance. First, you can look into Medicaid. However Medicaid is a government program that has stringent income (and other) requirements and you may make to much yearly income for yourself or family members to qualify. However, I would always double check to be sure. Another option is that you could look into buying health insurance for yourself through a private company such Humana, Blue Cross Blue Shield, etc. Premiums through companies such as these are usually not much higher than the premiums one would pay if getting health insurance through an employer, and at least in the meantime you would be covered in the event of any type of medical emergency. These companies also usually offer things like dental and vision insurance, if those are needed as well until your employer's insurance kicks in.

answered Jun 6, 2018 by zenguy (2,040)
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