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If I live in AR can I insure my just graduated daughter in Dallas driving my AR registered car?

1 Answer

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Vehicle owners face many restrictions when dealing with auto insurance across state lines. There are legal, safety and financial reasons for these rules. For example, states have different insurance coverage requirements and rates. Car insurance companies also typically require that vehicle owners maintain insurance policies and registrations in the same state.

That said, the answer to your question depends greatly on whether your daughter has moved permanently to Dallas. If she has moved permanently and you don't register your vehicle in Texas and pick up a different insurance plan from an auto insurance agent in that state, you and your daughter could be accused of insurance fraud. Depending on a wide range of you circumstances, you could both potentially lose your insurance and drivers' licenses. If your daughter has plans to only visit Dallas for months at a time, then you can continue with insurance through Arkansas under certain circumstances as long as she won't be in the state of Texas for long periods. Of course, if she is going live in Texas temporarily on a regular basis, then you should consider arranging a separate insurance plan in Texas as well so that she has enough accident coverage.

Of course, there are many other exceptions. For example, if your daughter plans to continue her education or join the military, then she needs to speak to a representative at her closest local tax office and an auto insurance agent in Dallas for details about insurance requirements. As with any type of insurance question, vehicle owners should always speak to their current insurance agents to determine how best to proceed when dealing with changes to their existing policy or the addition of a new policy. Your local Arkansas auto insurance agent can provide you with more details about your options. If they represent a company that offers insurance in both states, they might also be able to recommend an agent in Dallas.

answered Mar 1 by vic120 (1,180)
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