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If i live in Florida but want to buy life insurance while visiting Oklahoma, do I sign a Ok or FL application?

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Since Florida is the state in which you reside, the life insurance policy must reflect your Florida address. Despite the fact you are currently visiting Oklahoma, the policy must be for your current residential state. You must fill out a life insurance application for Florida, for it to be completely legal and valid. If you plan to remain in Oklahoma for any length of time, you can use your address there as a temporary mailing address. This will allow you to receive any important documentation. The address can be switched back to your Florida address once you have returned home. Most life insurance companies do business in all states, so having access to a life insurance form from Florida should not present a problem. Various aspects of the policy may be affected by your residential state. It is important to keep any policy you choose to purchase updated with all your current information, including your address. This will help prevent any issues in the future.

answered Nov 16, 2017 by LifeHealth (660)
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