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What are the largest health insurance providers in number of members?

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The first thing that needs to be stated here is that the number of members belonging to any insurance providers is variable and changes throughout the year. When an insurer begins a new plan or changes their options and benefits, it affects the number of members they have. Because of this, the answers provided here may not be completely accurate, only reflecting the standings at the time the answer was given.

United Health Group is the current largest health care provider, with approximately 70 million members and more than 600,000 providers spread out across all 50 states. The second-largest health insurance provider is Well Point, boasting over 35 million members, an impressive number considering that Well Point has only been in operation for a little over 5 years.

Ranked as the third largest health insurance provider is the CIGNA corporation, which has been around for 200 years or more. ranked at number 4, Aetna is credited with developing the idea of consumer-directed insurance coverage. Finally, the number 5 ranked health insurance provider is Anthem, Inc., which specializes in family care packages and options tailored to fit family living.

answered Apr 27, 2011 by anonymous
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