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Do I have the right to obtain denial information directly from the life insurance company?

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I was denied life insurance recently and requested the information be sent directly to me.  However, they refused, citing HIPPA laws that require them to send directly to my doctor.  How can this be true? Thank you

Barbara Orlandi

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asked Oct 26, 2017 by Barbara Orlandi

1 Answer

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Yes. The Privacy Rule by and large requires HIPAA secured elements (wellbeing designs and most human services suppliers) to give people, upon asking, with access to the protected health information (PHI) about them in at least one "assigned record sets" kept up by or for the secured element. This incorporates the privilege to examine or acquire a duplicate, or both, of the PHI, and in addition to guide the secured substance to transmit a duplicate to an assigned individual or element of the person's decision. People have a privilege to get to this PHI for whatever length of time that the data is kept up by a secured substance, or by a business relate in the interest of a secured element, paying little respect to the date the data was made; regardless of whether the data is kept up in paper or electronic frameworks on location, remotely, or is filed; or where the PHI began (e.g., whether the secured element, another supplier, the patient, and so forth.).

Furnishing people with simple access to their protected health information engages them to be more responsible for choices in regards to their well being and prosperity. For instance, people with access to their well being data are better ready to screen interminable conditions, hold fast to treatment designs, find and fix blunders in their well being records, track advance in health or illness administration programs, and specifically contribute their data to look into. With the expanding utilization of and proceeded with progresses in well being data innovation, people have consistently growing and creative chances to get to their well being data electronically, more rapidly and effectively, progressively and on request. Placing people "in the driver's seat" as for their well being likewise is a key part of well being change and the development to a more patient-focused social insurance framework.
answered Oct 27, 2017 by midtermquote (980)
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