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how far back for dui and insurance in PA?

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Pennsylvania has a 10-year lookback period. What will this mean for you? Say you have an arrest record and/or conviction dating back ten years ago or more? They will look back about ten years and use that against you.

You can receive a harsher sentence and/or conviction due to an incident that happened ten years ago, then if this is your first offense. Do you have a DUI incident that happened 12 years ago? They will treat this one like it is your first offense.

Example 1:

You just got a DUI in September of this year. You had a previous one dating back to October of 2010. They can use this against you and treat you with a harsher sentence depending on what happened. This may mean a higher suspension on your driver's license. This may mean a higher fine to be paid. You may also be facing longer jail time. It all depends on how bad your first DUI was.

Much of this depends on how your first DUI incident was treated. The harder it was for you the first time, the harder it may be for you now.

Example 2

You got a DUI in September of this year. Your last DUI was back in December of 1998. This is where Pennsylvania would dismiss the last date and concentrate on the one happening right now.

What about convictions?

This depends on the two situations. Your incident that happened in 2010 may have been a lighter sentence resulting in just a short-term suspension. This new one may be just as light. You may be facing the same sentence again. It is better to discuss this with your lawyer. He or she will know more about this.

What about the incident in 1998? It is not going to count since it was about 20 years ago. They will look at this year and factor in what happened. Every situation is different. This is why it is better to talk to your lawyer.

answered Oct 20, 2017 by bestrates (2,270)
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