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can i get temporary home insurance on my dads home?

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1 Answer

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While you have not gone into specifics as to why you would need the insurance, it should not be a problem to acquire temporary insurance. It is actually quite common, especially if the property is going through the probate process.

Regardless, a standard homeowners policy will not cover a home if it is left unoccupied for a period of longer than 30 days. So, let's say, your father had to be moved to a nursing home or has passed, temporary home insurance would be required.

There are many companies that sell such insurance and all of them have specific rules as to the time limits on the policy purchased. Most sell in increments of 3 or 6 months but check with each company when talking to them about their specific time periods.

Glad to hear you are taking the responsible route and making sure your dad's safe and sound while it remains unoccupied.
answered Oct 18, 2017 by ailee44 (1,210)
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